Continuing my aerobic theme for Janathon, today demanded a cycle. And with fog and frost, a road ride was in order.
As I continue with my kitchen work (not in the kitchen at the moment-I’m making the worktops etc.), I decided I’d order the tiles so after a warming hour cleaning up one of the tops (Iroko so a bugger to plane), I took the scenic countryside route (through Cheeseman”s Green) on the road bike then through one of the myriad industrial estates, to the outskirts of town (Ashford) before returning home 10miles later to remember I had logs to cut up for the fire, the store being two-thirds empty.
And that saw to the rest of the day! Still only a half full, I’ve probably got fuel until February so another afternoon will be prioritised before too long.
Running again tomorrow, I think. The cycle seems good, if nothing else (and boy was it slow), for my hips, so hopefully an easy run out will help further.


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