I awoke this morning to the most marvellous feeling-having run yesterday, I had no pain in my hips.
First day since July.
Why? No idea.
I’ve tried running, not running, weights, walking, cycling, all to no avail.
The only thing I’ve changed is riding my road bike instead of one of my mountainbikes.
I remained pain free until around lunch when a little tightness drew in.
So tonight, having promised myself I’d cycle a bit, I fitted my lights and set off.
Only 4 laps of the local bypass (10 miles) at a steady, manageable pace, to allow me to measure fitness (determined as pace) on a set loop.
Tonight saw 3.19 average per mile, around 20 seconds/mile down on 2 years ago when I last did it (20mph, but I was trying then and it was summer) on a slightly different course.
And home again, I’ve not a hint of pain. Could the stretch of the road bike be the cure for my aches?
I hope so and intend carrying on until I find not for sure!


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