Three wheels a day

Awoke to a bright but still breezy day with lots to do and a desire to do more!
Still, I’m feeling good so far this year, so my rotation of runs and cycles had to continue.
A wash of the car was followed by a cycle to the local egg house. Well, farm. It’s your typical box on a fence at the farm gate with an honesty box for payment. So I returned 2 old boxes, paid my 90p and returned for home.
And when I say local, there are closer farms but the round-about route to this one is very scenic, enjoyable and quiet.
So once home I did a bit more to my worktops.
Then remembered I’ve acquired a unicycle.
So I had a little play.
Gordon Bennett I wish I hadn’t! How inadequate can a man feel? Unable to balance at all, there simply aren’t enough things to hold in the world. But it’s fascinating, so I may well persist in my efforts. But I fear its one of those things that may need constant effort-if I keep going backwards, I can see it becoming demoralising quite quickly!
We’ll see. It’s fun, anyway!

One response to “Three wheels a day

  1. Just think how accomplished you’ll feel when you master it though.

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