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Still doing stuff

Honest, I’m still alive!
An absence of ability to upload stats to Running Free has lead to me just doing stuff on my own, enjoying it and getting on with things, really.
I finished last year with an detached run distance of just over 6 miles which, combined with only 3 runs being over 7 miles and no runs after April of under 6 miles means, yep, I just about ran a while year of 6 mile jogs.
This year I’ve already mixed it up more with a couple of hilly interval repeats, a 7 miles outing and some shorter distance cross-country jogs, which I’m enjoying.
Also finished the year and am carrying on with some more upper body strength work, plus some bmx and mountain-bike fun.
So yes, active, just not involved!
But enjoying things.

The forgotten posts

I’ve been doing a bit, just not honouring the Janathon ways by blogging about it, is all.
A steady run a bit later than I wanted after work Thursday and another fantastically fun pump track outing last night.
Which, with another early work start this morning, makes a tired man of me.
So I’ll bore my reader no more and shuffle off!

Pump track

The incredible rain quantities resulted in sacking-off the mountainbike and even road bike plans (justified on my drive through Aldington which was little short of a stream) last night.
But wanting some two wheeled entertainment, the new Swingfield pump track was visited with Steve and Shaun.
Now if anyone wants to argue that not pedalling (much-its a hard track to get right!) around a 0.1 mile circuit isn’t a workout, I challenge them to try it!
Below freezing temperatures, warm body. Frosty ground, loads of grip. Wet fields, dry track. 40 laps, knackered Shaun.
A brilliantly fun workout.

Three wheels a day

Awoke to a bright but still breezy day with lots to do and a desire to do more!
Still, I’m feeling good so far this year, so my rotation of runs and cycles had to continue.
A wash of the car was followed by a cycle to the local egg house. Well, farm. It’s your typical box on a fence at the farm gate with an honesty box for payment. So I returned 2 old boxes, paid my 90p and returned for home.
And when I say local, there are closer farms but the round-about route to this one is very scenic, enjoyable and quiet.
So once home I did a bit more to my worktops.
Then remembered I’ve acquired a unicycle.
So I had a little play.
Gordon Bennett I wish I hadn’t! How inadequate can a man feel? Unable to balance at all, there simply aren’t enough things to hold in the world. But it’s fascinating, so I may well persist in my efforts. But I fear its one of those things that may need constant effort-if I keep going backwards, I can see it becoming demoralising quite quickly!
We’ll see. It’s fun, anyway!