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The forgotten posts

I’ve been doing a bit, just not honouring the Janathon ways by blogging about it, is all.
A steady run a bit later than I wanted after work Thursday and another fantastically fun pump track outing last night.
Which, with another early work start this morning, makes a tired man of me.
So I’ll bore my reader no more and shuffle off!

Just a jog

The crisp weather with zero wind made me almost excited about a run this evening.
Keeping my enthusiasm after I’d started seemed a miracle.
Selecting the hilliest street-lamp-lit route I could was remarkable.
Adding an unnecessary out and back to make distance to 6 miles foolhardy.
Looping a block having arrived at the closed level crossing merely done to keep warm.
Maintaining a spring in my step up the last hill incredible.
Enjoying the whole effort how exercise should be.
The shut level crossing even put me dangerously close to a proper race distance. Good job I didn’t look at my Garmin.

Pump track

The incredible rain quantities resulted in sacking-off the mountainbike and even road bike plans (justified on my drive through Aldington which was little short of a stream) last night.
But wanting some two wheeled entertainment, the new Swingfield pump track was visited with Steve and Shaun.
Now if anyone wants to argue that not pedalling (much-its a hard track to get right!) around a 0.1 mile circuit isn’t a workout, I challenge them to try it!
Below freezing temperatures, warm body. Frosty ground, loads of grip. Wet fields, dry track. 40 laps, knackered Shaun.
A brilliantly fun workout.


Two days without much (certainly enough) sleep make a slow runner.
So tired yesterday I fell asleep at work for an hour, today I avoided that fate but the jog really did turn into a plod.
I could only manage a little under 5 miles, I almost enjoyed a bit of it, but overall I was glad to be done.
And so, done in, it’s to bed. Third time lucky, I hope.

Three wheels a day

Awoke to a bright but still breezy day with lots to do and a desire to do more!
Still, I’m feeling good so far this year, so my rotation of runs and cycles had to continue.
A wash of the car was followed by a cycle to the local egg house. Well, farm. It’s your typical box on a fence at the farm gate with an honesty box for payment. So I returned 2 old boxes, paid my 90p and returned for home.
And when I say local, there are closer farms but the round-about route to this one is very scenic, enjoyable and quiet.
So once home I did a bit more to my worktops.
Then remembered I’ve acquired a unicycle.
So I had a little play.
Gordon Bennett I wish I hadn’t! How inadequate can a man feel? Unable to balance at all, there simply aren’t enough things to hold in the world. But it’s fascinating, so I may well persist in my efforts. But I fear its one of those things that may need constant effort-if I keep going backwards, I can see it becoming demoralising quite quickly!
We’ll see. It’s fun, anyway!

A tired jog.

Trying to pack everything in to today that I want still hasn’t quite happened.
I’ve shopped, done some work on my kitchen worktops (3 out of 4 are done now though) and relaxed and run. Wanted to cut shortcut that’s for tomorrow now. Might get out for a unicycle play in a moment (just acquired one, can’t ride yet!) or might leave it for tomorrow.
The run was a diverted route to buy some lemon and lime drink. A 3.5 mile outing which I diverted into 5.6 and instantly wished I’d lengthened to 6 after I’d stopped, as you do.
But a tight chest and tired eyes tell me to be satisfied.
Hopefully tomorrow will be more fun.
With no visits to the hospital.

Wet and windy

Friday is, of late, mountainbike riding night. Usually around from Folkestone to Saltwood through Hythe and back, around 15miles.
Last week was hugely wet and sticky then yesterday, having been saturated all day as site flooded (puddles on sloping fields? Really?) we (tubbsontwowheels and I) decided a road ride might be a better option.
Only I hate road rides when there’s no destination. Love riding somewhere, just not around and about. I don’t find it relaxing.
So tonight, heading into a 30 odd mph headwind up a main road in the dark as it started raining, I wasn’t smiling.
But as I accepted my fate, it became bearable.
Then, as headwind became tailwind (after nearly being blown off the road a few times and while blind every time a light shone on my rain coated glasses), I actually enjoyed it.
Something about spinning out in top gear on the way home that soothed my worries.
Now I’ve the same wind to anticipate for tomorrow’s run. Let’s see if I can make that enjoyable.