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Sandgate seafront for a jog.

Made my way towards Folkestone today to see Dad and provide an alternative venue for a plod.
It’s been raining most of the day but brightened around 2 as I left home, which made it doubly upsetting as my chosen time/place was stuck under cloud and, around 4.30 and a couple of miles into my run, it started raining again.
Ah, well.
A dull route along the seafront from Spade House (HG Wells’ old residence) to the Hythe Imperial then back inland through SeaBrook since it was all but dark and night fishermen oddly concern me was a business-like, if not massively amusing, way to add 6 miles to my mileage.
Hips? Ruined, I fear. Sore as I left the car, painful after 4 miles, tight as hell as I finished. Stretching is ongoing.
Roll on tomorrow and the forecast frost!

Mountainbike and mud

So in the interests of having fun and preserving my hips, today saw a mountainbike outing around the North Downs.
Folkestone past Cheriton over to Saltwood through Hythe and Sandgate to return.
One stream crossing, a few bridges, a lot of mud and several smiles.
The wet bits were properly wet though so the winter pause in off-road riding may be about to strike if the rain doesn’t hold up.
Makes a change to not be ruining myself through over running already though.

Heavy foot

Yes, just the one.
Went for a jog up the Greensand Way towards Singleton late this afternoon and got caught in a shower.
Right at the highest point, right where I turn around on a short jog, it started hammering down.
And after plodding through the now yet corn, the soaking grass past the horses which were again scared by my passing, I came to the long corn field and upon the oddest run yet.
The rain was accompanied by wind which made half the track wet (it’s a well maintained route through the harvest this time of year) and kept half dry. Which made my left shoe stay clean but the right gained weight with every stride until I attained quite a lop-sided gait. Incredibly odd, I’ve never quite had such a similar wobble.
Which made the next field which was long very wet grass oddly welcoming to clean the mud off.
And so I got home and up to 99.5 miles (105 in the daily month, I ran 6 on the last day of May)
One more run to go and June is done.
78, 56, 30.

A little tight

I had plans to take an easy 5 miles this evening but a late visit from the Guv’nor meant I was a little late and lost my drive.
So, determined not to hurt myself by making up time, I instead opted for 4 flat miles at easy pace.
And with tight hamstrings (all the leg lifting through crops and high grass) it’s all I really wanted, to be fair.
But it was enjoyable, especially with a light shower to make a cooling change. Shame it was so muggy to finish that even my glasses steamed up.
82, 56, 33

Still plodding

Once again along the river Tillingham. Fields full of wheat, grass being cut for silage, sheep everywhere, cows laying down.
Just beat the rain and all’s well.
90, 57, 33

Still plodding

Once again along the river Tillingham. Fields full of wheat, grass being cut for silage, sheep everywhere, cows laying down.
Just beat the rain and all’s well.

A few more miles

I wasn’t going to run today but somehow, having been going out to clean the car, I found myself instead heading out to jog the local parkrun course with our mighty leader.
A sunny morning (after another quarter inch of rain last night – will it ever dry?) saw zillions of dog walkers (some rude, others ruder) and a refreshing plod.
The car waited.

An extra activity

So I’ve been steadily plodding along around the 4 mile mark (a short first day means I’ve now just hit 4 per day average), aiming for 100 before month end. Yep, I’m being realistic that I’ll lose a few days with a cold/snow/aches and pains as usually happens. If not, I might get to 120.
Today saw me loop out towards Cheesemans Green – the next bit of rural Ashford to be blessed with a housing estate. It’s nice out there, fewer trees damaged by the winds, but I’m sure the view of a few hundred houses will spoil it before too long.
But aside from a couple of quick mile-long pedals to the local shop, running is all I’ve done.
Well now I can chalk up my first weights session of the year.
Nothing massive and no attempts to bulk up, you understand (I haven’t in the past 29 years I’ve been playing with them, anyway), just enough resistance to keep my arms slightly thicker than a pipe cleaner and enough repeats to get my heart pumping, to round-out my training from the runs and cycling. Certainly the strength is good for the unforeseen panic times on the mountains when I run out of talent!
And today only saw half a millimetre of rain in the gauge. It’s hammering down now, but that’ll be in tomorrow’s reading.
Along with half the water that’s running into the conservatory where I haven’t sorted the flashing out yet. That’ll be next weekend’s task, I feel.
146, 99, 50. Wonder if they’ll get to zero before the new year?

Swim, wade or crawl

I promised myself a trail run and that’s what I set out to do, albeit about a half hour later than intended. Which was a bit of a pain since it was hammering down with rain all the way around and pretty much pitch black (and not in the Vin Diesel film style, clever clogs!) once I got home.
But the run was fun. Out up the local lane to the Greensand Way where the first field was pretty much completely under water with three trees blown over with another two over the stiles at the exit. I fear the landscape is going too look a fair bit different next spring.
The next field was ankle deep water throughout, the two little bridges as slippery as eels, the next field so soft I think my vertical distance might match my horizontal!
Pretty much every ditch is overflowing and the last gate was more a hurdle to try to clear the half-shin deep water. I didn’t quite manage it. And then it really started hammering with rain,I had to take off my glasses, so useless were they and thus I turned tail for a repeat of the same to home.
With added dark too join my lack of eyes.
But it was so slow, my legs once more feel fresh as daisies and at least it wasn’t a dull road plod.
Shame the last field was so wet it cleaned my trainers so the photo is dark, useless and uninteresting.
Much like me, I hear you cry.
Fair point. Well made.
147, 100, 50.

A change of plan

Having decided not to cycle tonight owing to the ridiculous rainfall (I was enjoying the sunny spells today though. Less so the hail, horizontal rain and thundery intervals) I decided I’d head off road and get muddy.
Until I cut the logs for the fire, decided I could Off-road tomorrow and slacked into a road based out and back around the wide paths and well illuminated paths of the local housing estate.
Dull. But done.
And my legs feel fresh-ish and ready for something interesting tomorrow.
148, 180, 50. And 12mm more rain.