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An extra activity

So I’ve been steadily plodding along around the 4 mile mark (a short first day means I’ve now just hit 4 per day average), aiming for 100 before month end. Yep, I’m being realistic that I’ll lose a few days with a cold/snow/aches and pains as usually happens. If not, I might get to 120.
Today saw me loop out towards Cheesemans Green – the next bit of rural Ashford to be blessed with a housing estate. It’s nice out there, fewer trees damaged by the winds, but I’m sure the view of a few hundred houses will spoil it before too long.
But aside from a couple of quick mile-long pedals to the local shop, running is all I’ve done.
Well now I can chalk up my first weights session of the year.
Nothing massive and no attempts to bulk up, you understand (I haven’t in the past 29 years I’ve been playing with them, anyway), just enough resistance to keep my arms slightly thicker than a pipe cleaner and enough repeats to get my heart pumping, to round-out my training from the runs and cycling. Certainly the strength is good for the unforeseen panic times on the mountains when I run out of talent!
And today only saw half a millimetre of rain in the gauge. It’s hammering down now, but that’ll be in tomorrow’s reading.
Along with half the water that’s running into the conservatory where I haven’t sorted the flashing out yet. That’ll be next weekend’s task, I feel.
146, 99, 50. Wonder if they’ll get to zero before the new year?

Swim, wade or crawl

I promised myself a trail run and that’s what I set out to do, albeit about a half hour later than intended. Which was a bit of a pain since it was hammering down with rain all the way around and pretty much pitch black (and not in the Vin Diesel film style, clever clogs!) once I got home.
But the run was fun. Out up the local lane to the Greensand Way where the first field was pretty much completely under water with three trees blown over with another two over the stiles at the exit. I fear the landscape is going too look a fair bit different next spring.
The next field was ankle deep water throughout, the two little bridges as slippery as eels, the next field so soft I think my vertical distance might match my horizontal!
Pretty much every ditch is overflowing and the last gate was more a hurdle to try to clear the half-shin deep water. I didn’t quite manage it. And then it really started hammering with rain,I had to take off my glasses, so useless were they and thus I turned tail for a repeat of the same to home.
With added dark too join my lack of eyes.
But it was so slow, my legs once more feel fresh as daisies and at least it wasn’t a dull road plod.
Shame the last field was so wet it cleaned my trainers so the photo is dark, useless and uninteresting.
Much like me, I hear you cry.
Fair point. Well made.
147, 100, 50.

A change of plan

Having decided not to cycle tonight owing to the ridiculous rainfall (I was enjoying the sunny spells today though. Less so the hail, horizontal rain and thundery intervals) I decided I’d head off road and get muddy.
Until I cut the logs for the fire, decided I could Off-road tomorrow and slacked into a road based out and back around the wide paths and well illuminated paths of the local housing estate.
Dull. But done.
And my legs feel fresh-ish and ready for something interesting tomorrow.
148, 180, 50. And 12mm more rain.

A little easy on the legs

After my soaking yesterday it was with frustration that the precipitation assaulted my windscreen on the way home. But on arrival it had eased Off so I headed straight out for a plod.
My intended loop was swapped for a looping out and back and the distance teased up to 4 miles. My legs felt easy enough that I wasn’t worried about tomorrow despite recent short, infrequent runs.
More worrying is whether i’ll put the bike in the car for an off road swamp wrestle in the rain tomorrow.
11mm of rain. 148, 100, 50.

Shut up and Run

‘Twas Shut Up and Dance who created an epic rave anthem “I’m Raving” and today it’s close. Well, it’s raining at least.
Janathon has started, I’m wet, the roof’s leaking but this is being posted via the app on my phone so something is easier about the month.
Targets? For the year – 150 runs, 100 weights sessions, 50 quality cycle rides (5 ish miles minimum but loads of stunting might count if it’s good session), which means 149, 100, 50 to go.
3.25 miles today. I fancy 100 for the month.

Sleepless and damaged but Janathon goes on.

Sleepless – me. Damaged – the house. Janathon – the constant to allow perspective.

Last year I had a Janathon hiccup when a blog post was a day late when mum died. I’d been for a run before going home and was half way through dinner, completely oblivious to any ill health even, when a 125mph drive to try to get to see her proved fruitless. I know everyone reacts differently in what are on the whole similar circumstances. One of my reactions was to continue Janathon, to chase my goal, to keep running and while I did so I had plenty of time to collect my thoughts and reflect on life. Many people wondered how odd my behaviour seemed. In hindsight I can relate to their wonder but it’s simply how I coped. It wasn’t planned.

This year, having had a couple of injuries but also having ploughed in some consistent miles, my initial target was passed. Then, while brushing my teeth, I heard a similar noise to JogBlog. She thought the initial sound was the mice/rats/squirrels we have in the roof doing some hardcore gnawing. They’re odd buggers and can make a din. I thought the wind had picked up enough to dislodge some mortar from the ridge tiles (we live in a 1750 converted bakery). A couple more brush strokes and I instinctively ducked, wondering what the increase in noise was and whether I was about to be joined in the bathroom by the chimney that adjoins it. JB thought the mice had turned to dogs and had gone wild – that or the mice had eaten something structural and something was about to fall on her. With a final crescendo of sound, I put my brush down and came out of the bathroom to meet her on the landing, both of us bemused. A little scared at what I might find, I must admit, I put a shirt and jeans on and went outside to see what had occurred. And, believe it or not, I was relieved to see the chimney still there. Less happy as I went around the porch though and saw the Ash tree leaning on the house, branches having removed roof tiles and brushed the window (without breaking it…miraculous!). To be fair, Cathy was a bit shocked. Seeing the weight of the tree had landed about 4 feet above her head, she had every right to be. Don’t tell her, though.

I’ll bet the inhabitants of the roof were as scared as us. Certainly put the wind up the cat.

The worst bit was not knowing if it had done structural damage and not being able to see. So we decided to leave the upstairs to itself and decamp to the conservatory as far from the tree as possible. Onto my futon which is a superb place to sleep unless it hammering with wind and blowing a gale and you’ve already lost half the house just when you wanted to switch off and relax. A good nights sleep it certainly wasn’t. Prospects of a fruitful Janathon appeared scuppered.

Come this morning, though, and a damage assessment, things looked better. A call to my regular tree surgeon found him able to come away from the trees he was removing and sort me out. Three hours of skilled removal saw the roof/tree interface concluded with a no score draw. The tree had somehow survived with a massively reduced rootball – it had simply leant over out of the ground – no damage to the fence it was alongside, the drain it borders or the water pipe that runs alongside. Very lucky. Indeed.

Which lead to a reduced day and Janathon to squeeze in.

Tempted to say forget it, I popped out for a singular mile for milk while awaiting the boys. Then waited until I got home to run depending on energy/guilt levels. And as far as my leg would allow following yesterday’s scaffold board interface, of course. Either 3.8 or 4.8, I felt. As it turned out, guilt kicked in and I wanted another 6 mile day, so 5 it was. Resulting again in 6.1 miles and a Janathon running total of 195.84 miles.

So…will I do 4.16 tomorrow? Or anoher 6 to make all of the month 6 mile or more days?

I’ll wait and see. Fingers crossed we don’t have 10mm more rain. At least there aren’t any more trees to fall on the house.

Ah, the 80’s. So yesterday. Janathon 29.

Today has been spent inside a cloud.

Hawkinge (AKA village of doom, shittest place on earth, most depressing place to work ever. A couple were meant to look at one of the houses on the estate on Saturday. Not knowing the area they arrived an hour before the viewing to look around. Half an hour before they cancelled. They didn’t like it up there. Sensible people. It really is shit. Imagine, if you’ve never been to Hawkinge, putting your head inside a particularly fragrant, surprisingly loose cow’s arse. During bowel evacuation time. with another cow stood on your foot. It’s that shit.) has seen nothing but drifting water all day. The kind that makes you soaking wet in 30 seconds without any raindrops actually falling. Except that for most of the day rain has fallen, too. The grey material (mist? Nope – visibility less than 1000yards. Fog? Nope – no advection or any other vection present. I was quite vexed though. Just simply moisture droplets in cloud form scudding past at eye level and below) is the most depressing stuff ever. At least it was warmer.

Except that wasn’t much of a bonus. 15 minutes before I set off for the run I knocked a scaffold board off the pile I was walking past. Having just passed it, the board fell straight down onto my left outer rear knee bit, the sticky out bone on top of the calf. It hurt a surprising amount so I headed back to the office and got changed. But didn’t know what top to wear. A long sleeved running top was right for the heat. But I knew I’d get cold once soaked (around 8 seconds in) So I opted to overheat but stay dry in my fleece running top. Along with a rapidly stiffening knee, it wasn’t to be a promising run.

And exectations were lived up to. Uninspired, tired, left knee hurting on the inside as well on the newly hit bit, right heel playing up, right foot bridge making me roll my foot oddly. I wish Janathon was over.

Except around 2 miles in when I realised I was past my target 186 miles for the month. All done. Target acquired and executed. Tick (in a Justin Lee-Collins style). But 6.2 miles to the next target (10k a day). So on I plodded. No air punch involved.

Once back I changed and again reached for the computer to play some odd music. Today was a mix of Buzzcocks which inspired (don’t ask how my brain works) Fergal Sharkey’s A Good Heart. My god. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the video before. I wasn’t going to watch it today (I intended writing the diary with musical accompaniment) but couldn’t take my eyes off it. Are any 80’s cliches (musical, style, fashion, hair) not complete? Even the nasty moustache is fully represented. Shocking.

Then I realised I was out of the 80’s in mileage, too. Just inside 190 miles I now need fewer than 5 per day to reach 200, a mere mile per day to exceed 10k per day. My knee has stiffened enormously since I’ve been home but surely I can get out for at least a mile tomorrow?

Hopefully there isn’t that much of a sting in Janathon’s tail, is there? Maybe – when I got home, the rain gauge in the back garden is registering a mere 1mm for the day. Just 15 miles (as the crow flies) from site. Did I mention Hawkinge is shit?