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A couple more runs

Last week had me enjoying the weather with a decent (for me) 7+ miles on Monday evening (I usually stop at 6 on a weeknight) and a full 10k on Wednesday, the latter being a little slower but still comfortably under 8 minute mile pace.
Happy with my jogging, Thursday had me buying shoes for a business might out which accidentally had me buy some bargain trainers – got to love an Asics discount or two.
Looking forward to trying them out now!

Maybe tomorrow if I sleep well enough tonight!

A little better

Another jog around Rye this evening. My now almost regular 6 miles was 20 seconds a mile quicker than Monday’s effort and lots more comfortable all around.
Hope I can continue to enjoy a few miles this year.

June already

Not that you’d know it by the weather though, to be fair.
Bruised my ribs by falling off the bmx on Friday so only managed a slow jog tonight.
Still, it’s 6 miles sorted. Better things can come.

The forgotten posts

I’ve been doing a bit, just not honouring the Janathon ways by blogging about it, is all.
A steady run a bit later than I wanted after work Thursday and another fantastically fun pump track outing last night.
Which, with another early work start this morning, makes a tired man of me.
So I’ll bore my reader no more and shuffle off!

Just a jog

The crisp weather with zero wind made me almost excited about a run this evening.
Keeping my enthusiasm after I’d started seemed a miracle.
Selecting the hilliest street-lamp-lit route I could was remarkable.
Adding an unnecessary out and back to make distance to 6 miles foolhardy.
Looping a block having arrived at the closed level crossing merely done to keep warm.
Maintaining a spring in my step up the last hill incredible.
Enjoying the whole effort how exercise should be.
The shut level crossing even put me dangerously close to a proper race distance. Good job I didn’t look at my Garmin.


Two days without much (certainly enough) sleep make a slow runner.
So tired yesterday I fell asleep at work for an hour, today I avoided that fate but the jog really did turn into a plod.
I could only manage a little under 5 miles, I almost enjoyed a bit of it, but overall I was glad to be done.
And so, done in, it’s to bed. Third time lucky, I hope.

Rye diversion

Set off from work for a jog around Rye but it was a little later than usual and, for the first time ever, I caught the 5.25 level crossing just as I approached.
Now the 5.55 stays down for 7 minutes, I know the earlier one isn’t as bad but decided to explore.
And found a route (pedestrian only) which avoids the crossing and gets one out on the opposite side of the town. But it’s unlit, next to a river, and unknown as far as dog shit goes.
So, after a loop around to gain some distance and realising I was a lot later than I thought, I came back the same way to find some mines and potentially enjoy a  swim.
Neither happened but I did enjoy a change of route, at least.
More exploring in the spring when I can see, I feel.

A flourish to finish?

The month has had ups and downs, for sure. The weather has suited me quite well compared to previous years, my energy levels occasionally less so.
But it’s nice to report that, having uploaded to Running Free for the first time since the 11th, I’m now on 95 point something running miles with 2 outings to go. That’ll see me nicely past 100, then, even if Spencer does bring his kit in on Monday and we only go 2 miles – he’s not a runner, to be fair, but company is always good and he does try.
A quick 5 miles on the bike into town today added to a short 10 mile mountainbike loop on Thursday, so even my biking isn’t abysmal.
Roll on July and shorter mileage but speedwork instead ready for the holiday in August.
79, 56, 31


Fatigue, tiredness, lethargy, zzzzzz.
Thankfully there are only a few more days and a few more miles to go. Tomorrow changes plans and a cycle outing on the hilly off-road bits around Folkestone will occur instead of on Friday. But that has mixed blessings since I’ll be late home which will make Friday a tired affair!
But it’ll be fun.
And soon it’ll be over!
81, 56, 33.

A little tight

I had plans to take an easy 5 miles this evening but a late visit from the Guv’nor meant I was a little late and lost my drive.
So, determined not to hurt myself by making up time, I instead opted for 4 flat miles at easy pace.
And with tight hamstrings (all the leg lifting through crops and high grass) it’s all I really wanted, to be fair.
But it was enjoyable, especially with a light shower to make a cooling change. Shame it was so muggy to finish that even my glasses steamed up.
82, 56, 33