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An odd Sunday

Whether this post ever makes it onto the blog, i’ll not know unless someone reads it. My computer or the internet or whatever seems so slow, it may still be loading tomorrow. So consider it a bonus (but not one i’d hold my breath for, to be honest!) if you are casting your eyes over my inane scribing.

So yes, today’s a Sunday. Yesterday, I got up early, realised a jump wasn’t on the cards, cleaned the car (knowing not that now, it looks as though it hasn’t been done for a week after driving back from Hastings through two separate floods), bought a paper then popped off to buy my marathon trainers. Two pairs of Asics Cumulus 10 in a size 7.5 later, I was happy and keen to run again.

But first, it was off to Cathy’s for a printer purchase, fantastic meal, lazy evening, restless night knowing I had to go to work today and a rude 5.30 alarm call. At least it was a half hour lie-in, but it’s never good on a Sunday. And then the bad luck was compounded in finding the Blackwall Tunnel shut, so a diversion along the A13 and a donation to the Dartford toll at least caused a variation to the journey, even if it, too, wasn’t welcome.

Still, it was nice and crisp (or damn cold, if you prefer), the day was reasonably productive and I got home mid-afternoon to find the chocolate i’d left at Cathy’s had been scoffed already. Not fair. So I took my mind off such things, completed my application to the Santa Race, donned my mid thickness jumper, a shirt, tights, gloves, hat and new trainers for a run.

Yep, it was cold.

My teeth were chattering for the first 1/2 mile, but I was trying a new running style so wasn’t paying it too much heed. The style was recommended by the man in the trainer shop to ease the shocks through my legs on longer runs and make me faster on shorter ones (he promises me 3 more minutes off my 10k times if I practice and join the occasional group run – that’s a lot of motivation!) but it seems very weird at the moment. I can’t control my speed with it and end up sprinting at all times,¬†with my breathing reflecting this, so it’s not a long distance option at the minute. I’ll continue to practice, but the way my legs are now aching, i’m not sure. But then, I have run every other day for the week, so maybe an ache or two is due.

I didn’t time the run at all, it was my flat 5.4miler and was about 44-46 minutes, with 6 stops to re-assess my running gait and try to improve it without sprinting off, so something’s ok still, I guess. Oddly, my toe feels ok, my left shin feels tired, so i’ll stretch the crap out of it over the course of the evening to repair any damage.

Oh, and 6mm of rain fell on the garden.

Right, time for steak. And potatoes. And peas. And mustard. And tomatoes. And cucumber.