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A bit of a non-blog

Well, today was supposed to be my nine miler. But after yesterday feeling my right calf start to hurt a fair bit at two miles but carrying on,┬áduring the drive to London with my trusty compression bandage on, my leg must have stiffened. I kept applying gel, went out for a chilly evening using buses (no, I won’t be doing it again. It’s horrible. Dirty seats, noisy kids, slow, the worst driving i’ve yet witnessed as far as smooth and progressive goes, late, what else is there to dislike? On the plus side, it was cheap.) as transport, kept thinking the pain wasn’t abating and i’d assess things this morning.

I’m not after excuses, am desperate to train properly, but don’t want to ruin things at this stage. So, after a walk to Sainsbury’s still thinking things felt tight, I sacked off the run. At home again now, i’ve put the bandage back on, things feel painful but ok compared to earlier and i’ve just packed the running kit with the hope that I can do 9 miles after work tomorrow to keep the long runs in their rightful place.

And then, i’ll modify the training programme to get in two shorter runs through the week, continuing next week from there. Next weekend only calls for 5 then 6 miles, it’s a light week, so hopefully things will work out. If not, then two runs at the weekends will be gone forever! See, there is a silver lining to the cloud of too many weekend runs.

Still on a mince pie per day, so that’s all good. But Sainsbury’s didn’t have any in, so that’s a worry. I’ll have a look in Hastings tomorrow.