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Ah yes, a holiday

Another cracking weekend, and just for once it didn’t end with an exercise and ironing session. Nice. Instead, a late bit of food and an hour in front of the box gave way to sleep (needed after a restless Saturday night – why do a few beers sometimes bring on superb sleep and at others lead only to fitful dozing? Maybe I should change the drink of choice to investigate…) and a bit of a lie in.

I was intending on a run today, but that’ll now be a tomorrow morning job.

Instead, a bit of weeding in the garden gave way to a ride on the motorbike. A trip to see the parents left the kneesliders in the same state they started in (too much diesel on the reliable corners for my liking) but did leave a big black line on the road on the return journey which wasn’t intended. In fact, how I didn’t fall off will forever be a mystery. Last year, when the bike was only a couple of months old, I locked the rear wheel when it un-weighted in a bit of panic braking, causing it to slew around a bit. Which, to be honest, felt fun. Especially when the old bike’s back brake a) didn’t work, b) didn’t need to as the front could hold the back wheel in the air reliably and controllably from 70mph and c) meant my foot was so far from a comfortable position it hurt. Today, I came out of a corner on one of the lanes to find a dirty great trailer in the road with an 8 wheel tipper lorry coming in the opposite direction. The gap didn’t look good. So, I hit both brakes. On a slight crest in the road. Which was bumpy. And the front wheel locked. And the bike went away from me, so I let off the front anchor, squeezed my buttocks and the back lever a touch harder in unison, felt the bike squirrel both ways once more and somehow aimed for what little gap there was and made it through. I thought the dark visor was to ease the glare and look good, not hide fearful expressions…might invest in some brown leathers too if this carries on! Still, the rest of the ride home was uneventful.

Then I went to the parachute club, it being nice and sunny, but the winds were just over strength, I didn’t want to waste the rest of the day waiting so after a couple of hours, came home, gardened a bit, ate, cursed my broadband (which seems to be breaking…roll on October when I can change the server) while I excercised (upper body), made a couple of phone calls, cleaned the car and here I am.

Damned good start to the holiday, a run tomorrow morning and who knows what else? Repeat today to fade would suit, to be honest. Life’s ok at the moment.

No rain (a trace over the weekend, but I was out so can’t tell if it amounted to the magic millimetre). 252 cars.