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It must have been some greater power that decided my preparation running schedule for before things get really serious in about 3 weeks.

Having slipped into my alternate days’ running regime, things seemed to be working out to miss Friday, when I was supposed to be out. Well, that’s been cancelled but things worked out well enough to accomodate working until nearly 2am yesterday, even if it has left me knackered (bed immediately after I finish this) with a sore throat which i’m hoping will disappear after a good night’s sleep.

So, I got up about 9.30 ish this morning, went to Maidstone to collect my second pair of trainers (they’ve been labelled my race pair so i’ll avoid over-using them during training. Sad, eh? Hope it works!), proceeded in to work to carry on what seems like the longest week ever, and all I was considering was running routes.

So my awful week continued, I got asked to stay on again to help out, said no (well, words to that effect!) and changed into my shorts, new trainers, and set off.

Now last night, about 10.30, my shins started aching along with my calf muscles. So today, i’d been playing with them to try and ease the pain and they felt ok as I set off. I know i’m a bit tired, but would be with the hours and the running, so wasn’t expecting much, but set off for my 4.6 mile hilly route, anyway. And I think the new running style may be here to stay. I’m not pretending it’s perfected yet, I think i’m at a hybrid stage, but I now feel ok and can mix up my pace a bit more than earlier in the week.

Still sprint off a bit keenly, though.

The only worry was Steve putting my new trainers on the desk. I hope desks don’t lead to the same luck problems as tables. I’m not superstitious, but if I have any luck, it’s bad, so i’m keeping everything crossed. Didn’t stop me finding a dog turd to run through about half a mile in, though. But this was at least balanced by managing to not spread it up my legs, I guess. Small mercies.

So, sleep beckons, the mileage is increasing, i’ve still to sort out what to do at the weekend, we had 2.5mm of rain and I hate work more than ever.

But i’m blogged, can rest until Saturday’s run, and have two new cd’s to punish in the car over the next few weeks. Things could be worse. Lots worse.

Just hope Jogblog’s written something good to keep up the amusement. What happened to NaBloPoMo or whatever it was?