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Friday. Juneathon day 6.

Crikey. Day six already.

Made the odd promise last night that i’d do a diverted run to the shop for some milk┬ávia the lanes around my village this evening instead of along the seafront in Hastings. I need a change. So left the kit at home and wondered if i’d be bothered to actually go.

A busy day meant leaving later than normal but on the way home, I felt worried enough i’d get lazy and not run that I put the oven on to warm up and went out while it did. A whopping 2.1 miles. Nothing exciting. But having eaten, i’m now off out on the bike for the milk and a bit of riding backwards practice. I know how to treat myself on a Friday night…

Oh, the map at work indicates last night’s run was in fact 2.6 miles so the disruption to my favoured training has slowed me by about a minute a mile over a 4 mile shorter run. By the end of June I reckon i’ll be up to 10 minute miles! Should Juneathon be renamed? Seriously, if I go above 9 minute miles, i’m knocking it on the head. It’s not good for me!

364 cars. 2.1 miles.