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Just a quickie

After anticipating i’d do the seafront today, I got to work to remember i’d foolishly announced on Monday i’d do the Wednesday evening if needs be. And they did. So, leaving just before 7.30, I again drove like a wanker (traction control switched off tonight – when the wheels point where I want them, if i’m sliding through a corner I want to floor the throttle and be pulled where i’m heading, not have the sparks cut and drift or, as last night, twitch, towards a hedge at the whim of an electronics engineer who can’t drive much less decide how I want to drive. Rant over.) to get home and put some food on. Not much in the fridge and I needed some milk, so the run consisted of 1.1 miles to Sainsbury’s and back, the return journey laden with milk, bananas and cucumber. Not that that matters.

So while I cooked, I read last night’s post, only to notice the village postman has taken from the 16th January 2007 until now¬†to deliver a letter from a recruitment agency. I’ve lost bank statements, birthday cards and stuff up until now, but this is the first job i’ve missed out on due to the thieving monkeys…guess that’s what happened after I failed to hear about a job in January this year, too…has my postie got a fetish for late delivery of job related post, I wonder?

And after reading this, I went out to count sheep…i’ve had 22 in the back field since winter, last night I could only prove 3, tonight that’s at least risen to 6. Hope the postman hasn’t taken a liking to them, else it might take 18 months before they’re all back! And with those and my bountiful crop of tomatoes, I may be encouraged to take some photos over the weekend to cheer things up.

Time for sleep now. 1.1miles, 299 cars, 1 long day combined with another short run.