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Post Juneathon

So as Juneathon finished on Monday with a whimper more than a flourish (I pushed myself to all but 100miles on the Sunday, leaving Monday for a jog with Spencer from site for as little distance as he desired) at just 2.6 miles, I was a little tired all the same.
So Tuesday was a rest from running (albeit with some weights in the evening), and then the niggles started.
Little bits of pain in my right foot, my right shin sore where it cracked the other year, tight thighs. So rest was lovely.
Then heat for the rest of the week encouraged me to enjoy a few days off, which ended today.
I was looking forward to a jog and the morning rain cooled things nicely, so 6 miles it was. My favourite Gill Lane route. Always effortlessly swift straight after June, oddly my heel hurt a bit around 3 miles. An odd pain, from nowhere, but not enough to alter my jog. So I didn’t.
And 3 miles later, I was home and happy. Looking forward to a shorter distance month with more cycling ready for France and the Alps next month.
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