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Penultimate Juneathon

So, having run out of Friday and walked a bit for Saturday, the finale to this years’ Juneathon is looking a touch damp for me. Not that i’m complaining – the advantages are that next year, I can re-group and smash this year to pieces and the reasons for the later stage errors are (apart from work going on too long), it must be said, so good I wonder if in fact someone far luckier than me is living my life.

Today was as near to ideal as my life gets.

I’ve done the chores which is nothing too special, I grant you. I took the bike out for a spin. Via the parachute club to buy some jump tickets, it being far too windy for me to jump, but I had a decent chat with a few of the boys about the bike, which was pleasant, followed by a jaunt via the lanes to Tenterden. Where a Fireblade came up behind me in the 30 limit, pulled alongside at the lights, said hello (couldn’t hear much else with my earplugs in), followed me out on the road to Rye and provided an amusing sight. Not really really going for it, we were pulling a fair pace nonetheless, just flowing quickly along, little other traffic, when I glanced in my mirror exiting one corner to be shocked how low he was leaning. Now I never really consider this, apart from how far the tyres are scrubbed, but when I put 2 and 2 together that he was that far over and following me, I was amazed to think I was equally leant. So I came up behind a short queue of cars, got the jump on him and fucked off. I think he must have pulled over somewhere shortly after the cars because I wasn’t trying that much harder but didn’t see him catch up despite sticking to the limits in the 2 short limited sections. Superb ride. Then I stuffed my kneeslider so thoroughly down on a blind, dodgy left hander, I felt happy all the way home. It’s dodgy owing to it’s blindness, by the way, not due to surface or owt. Good times.

And all this squeezed into half an afternoon following a nice lunch, 1.4 (non-Juneathon) miles round trip to the station and the Juneathoned 3.8 mile walk along a local path via a field with cows. I’m not a walker on my own – I can’t buy a dog due to my working hours and am not a glass licking mentalist (I may be weird, but there are lines to be drawn…!), so don’t feel right doing it, but with good company am happy to say it was a pleasure. Very nice.

So, a happy day, good ride, Juneathon (i’m feeling tired now but hopefully will be fresh enough to close out the event tomorrow with my full 6.2 mile hilly route leg strengthener) and superb company. Smart.

3.8 miles. No fewer cars. No skydiving but a nice social chat. Happy.