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Super Sunday

Been feeling pretty good today, for no particular reason, either.

Got up reasonably early, tidied the rest of the garden then had an early lunch in order to get out on the mountainbike to Bedgebury for a thrash. Bearing in mind how tired the legs are from running the intention was to substitute this for Juneathon and I set off briskly, passing people at a sprint and enjoying the flow of wheels on unmade singletrack. Then my chain snapped. Haven’t had that for about 5 years, recognised the tell-tale feel of it about to go so it didn’t spit me off or owt, but how annoying. Three tons of oil all over my hands, relief i’ve got a chaintool in my┬ákit and having been passed by all and sundry later and off I sped again, intent on having a laugh for the final half of the route. It reminded me how much enjoyment I get from the bike, this is the least use i’ve put it to for years and after June i’ll be changing tack quite forcefully – I guess it’s partly not having the focus of the Alps for the holiday that’s kept me off it. Slacker.

Then i’m home to confirmation from Jogblog that she’d put in a pb 10k time. Su-bloody-perb. Can’t wait for her to break the 1 hour barrier, but gradual improvement is the way to go. She’ll be chasing me round the Hastings half next…if I decide to do it again, anyhow.

So, i’ve just put in my token 2.1 miler for the day, now it’s time for food and ironing. Rock and bloody roll, the life of a sad and lonely old man knows no bounds…i’m worried about the upcoming shitty week at work so the mind keeps developing panic for itself at the moment though so i’m not about to try anything too keen unless I drift off at a daft moment. Roll on Tuesday evening. Oh, and my week off starting 14/7 – no plans yet, may pop over to Kew Gardens for a day though. Just need to switch off for a bit.

No rain (forecasters? They’re all shit. Except Kaddy who’s shit but attractive and amusing with it at least). 306 cars. 2.1 Juneathon miles. 1 snapped chain, 13 fun k on the bike.