Post Juneathon

So as Juneathon finished on Monday with a whimper more than a flourish (I pushed myself to all but 100miles on the Sunday, leaving Monday for a jog with Spencer from site for as little distance as he desired) at just 2.6 miles, I was a little tired all the same.
So Tuesday was a rest from running (albeit with some weights in the evening), and then the niggles started.
Little bits of pain in my right foot, my right shin sore where it cracked the other year, tight thighs. So rest was lovely.
Then heat for the rest of the week encouraged me to enjoy a few days off, which ended today.
I was looking forward to a jog and the morning rain cooled things nicely, so 6 miles it was. My favourite Gill Lane route. Always effortlessly swift straight after June, oddly my heel hurt a bit around 3 miles. An odd pain, from nowhere, but not enough to alter my jog. So I didn’t.
And 3 miles later, I was home and happy. Looking forward to a shorter distance month with more cycling ready for France and the Alps next month.
77, 52, 31

Heavy foot

Yes, just the one.
Went for a jog up the Greensand Way towards Singleton late this afternoon and got caught in a shower.
Right at the highest point, right where I turn around on a short jog, it started hammering down.
And after plodding through the now yet corn, the soaking grass past the horses which were again scared by my passing, I came to the long corn field and upon the oddest run yet.
The rain was accompanied by wind which made half the track wet (it’s a well maintained route through the harvest this time of year) and kept half dry. Which made my left shoe stay clean but the right gained weight with every stride until I attained quite a lop-sided gait. Incredibly odd, I’ve never quite had such a similar wobble.
Which made the next field which was long very wet grass oddly welcoming to clean the mud off.
And so I got home and up to 99.5 miles (105 in the daily month, I ran 6 on the last day of May)
One more run to go and June is done.
78, 56, 30.

A flourish to finish?

The month has had ups and downs, for sure. The weather has suited me quite well compared to previous years, my energy levels occasionally less so.
But it’s nice to report that, having uploaded to Running Free for the first time since the 11th, I’m now on 95 point something running miles with 2 outings to go. That’ll see me nicely past 100, then, even if Spencer does bring his kit in on Monday and we only go 2 miles – he’s not a runner, to be fair, but company is always good and he does try.
A quick 5 miles on the bike into town today added to a short 10 mile mountainbike loop on Thursday, so even my biking isn’t abysmal.
Roll on July and shorter mileage but speedwork instead ready for the holiday in August.
79, 56, 31


Fatigue, tiredness, lethargy, zzzzzz.
Thankfully there are only a few more days and a few more miles to go. Tomorrow changes plans and a cycle outing on the hilly off-road bits around Folkestone will occur instead of on Friday. But that has mixed blessings since I’ll be late home which will make Friday a tired affair!
But it’ll be fun.
And soon it’ll be over!
81, 56, 33.

A little tight

I had plans to take an easy 5 miles this evening but a late visit from the Guv’nor meant I was a little late and lost my drive.
So, determined not to hurt myself by making up time, I instead opted for 4 flat miles at easy pace.
And with tight hamstrings (all the leg lifting through crops and high grass) it’s all I really wanted, to be fair.
But it was enjoyable, especially with a light shower to make a cooling change. Shame it was so muggy to finish that even my glasses steamed up.
82, 56, 33

Still at it

Still getting more tired. But the end is in sight.
And, at last, I’ve got a plan.
Not since Janathon 2013, when I ran 200, have I run 100 miles in a month. So this month I will.
Fewer than 4 miles per day (allowing for Friday cycling if it isn’t raining as forecast) will see me there. Which should be simple except the quantity of off-road miles is now wearing me out which, along with the quick run I did yesterday, means I’d really like a long lay down.
Ah, well. Plod on and see how July feels with 100 under my belt.
83, 56, 33.

Tired at last

An early start upset me, a good day cheered me, a decent ride on the motorbike encouraged me and I decided I’d run until 6 whenever I set off.
Which turned out to be 5.20, so 5 off-road miles ensued which were less fizz and more slog.
Sadly pretty, the views aren’t to last-the last date for planning appeal against the 5750 (yes, best part of six thousand! Plus schools and shops) houses planned for the fields was yesterday. But the infrastructure has been in for 20 odd years so it’s a bit of a sham, really.
Guess I’ll soon have to head SouthEast instead of West on my runs to avoid the blight.
85, 57, 33