A fair February

After my now traditional loss of hope through Janathon, at least I can report a good follow up.
Losing trees to water and wind aside, I’ve enjoyed some nice runs and, with news that I’m to escape Hawkinge (aka the most despicable place on the planet), I’ve used the fact that it’s almost light enough for a 4 mile plod to make the most of the hills. 2 evening runs this week both on hills, lots of weight training, more February miles run already than last year and maybe the overall picture is rosy after all.
Plus the fact that I’ve started my kitchen refurb at long last. Hmm, excitement or something.
129, 86, 49.

Left it late again

A week with only one weights session and but a 3 mile jog on Wednesday was rescued by the amount of work I did on my windows.
Today I’d promised myself a 6 mile outing but wasn’t sure I’d make it. A morning cycle to buy a paper was interspersed by more window making and a little gardening (my water butt overflow diverter cobbled together from knackered inner tube, redundant washing machine hose and broken tap is a superb success). A spot of shopping after lunch meant I was going to cut the run to suit daylight hours rather than distance, wanting to avoid lit streets as I did.
But after a spot of country lane jogging as the light rapidly faded, my mind was elsewhere as I turned into the local housing estate and made a loop that brought 6 miles upon me with ease.
And a few minutes later a thunder storm and winds ridiculously strong from nowhere made me glad I didn’t let my mind roam anymore.
135, 94, 49

A few more miles

I wasn’t going to run today but somehow, having been going out to clean the car, I found myself instead heading out to jog the local parkrun course with our mighty leader.
A sunny morning (after another quarter inch of rain last night – will it ever dry?) saw zillions of dog walkers (some rude, others ruder) and a refreshing plod.
The car waited.

Gill Lane

Having become disillusioned by running for no gain and little pleasure on the illuminated streets of Ashford, predictably enough I gave up.
But after a shower or two of rain this morning decided me against getting wet again on the bike (being wet for 30 hours in a week is enough for me), I wasn’t going to miss a run this afternoon.
My favourite loop around Gill Lane was swapped for an out and back simply because I prefer the views on the route I took.
And 48 minutes of pleasurable running was nice reward for my effort.
Add a bit of gardening and, for January, I’ll mark the weekend a surprise.
138, 95, 49

Still tired

I had ideas of a jog but couldn’t really be arsed if I’m honest.
So I pedaled to Tesco, bought some rolls, came home and threw the weights about a bit.
I hope I rediscover enthusiasm soon. Aside from that I’m feeling good. Strong, healthy and fit. Just a little jaded.
139, 95, 49

Day 13. Will it end soon?

I wasn’t at all sure what I’d end up with as tonight’s run even as I set off out for my plod. It was later than I like to run, around 8 o’clock, hence the wonder about how I’d feel as I got going.
Average, as it turns out.
So having settled for a dull out and back route I was surprised when I plodded on until turning around to create a 5 mile run.
I feel weary and tired but at least it was a reasonable outing.
When’s it going to get cold, then?
139, 96, 49.


In times of Janathon and Juneathon I often think of the mighty Highway Kind. My reasoning today was the dawning realisation that, the longer I took crouched into daft positions on the conservatory roof replacing the flashing, the less chance I had of running.
The link to Running Matters? A few years ago (I can’t remember a blog from yesterday but I can from the distant past. Very odd) David was pondering how his father would react to his use of his leisure time to keep fit instead of his activities in the house/garden doing the work naturally. Well, I guess despite my promises to myself to run everyday, today was going to be one I couldn’t. Physical work was winning.
The run yesterday meant my legs were tight as they were bent double for the few hours but at least, after finishing just as light ran out, I had chance to stretch my aching back, tidy up the garage, eat and then throw the weights around the conservatory.
The run will wait until tomorrow evening.
140, 96, 49.